Channel Letter Signs


A Flexible and Highly Visible Sign Option

Channel letters are one of the most common types of signs. Channel letter signs are beautiful to look at and highly visible in both day and night. Some of the reasons why channel letters have become so popular are:

  • Highly flexible- available in many fonts and sizes
  • Very visible against solid backgrounds
  • Many ways to illuminate channel letters
  • Work equally well inside and outside a business
  • Letters can be mounted many different ways

Channel letters are 3D letters and shapes that can vary in size and depth. This type of sign can illuminated by LED lighting, both energy efficient and bright.

Examples of Channel Letter Signs

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Contractor Licenses

ID Contractors #: RCE-1947
ID Electrical #: ELE-SC-32070
WA Electrical #: SIGNCCI856DR
WA Contractor #: SIGNCCI836PK
OR CCB #: 182356
OR Contractor #: CLS37