LED Retrofit/Conversion

Reduce Electric Bills

When your business has high electric bills each month from an old-fashioned lighted sign, it is time to call SignCrafters Inc., in Lewiston, Idaho for an LED conversion. Modern light-emitting diode bulbs use less electricity than traditional light bulbs, helping you to save money while advertising your business. We can convert many electric signs to LED's right at your location. LED's are often brighter than the existing fluorescent bulbs and add new life to your tired sign. Not only can LED lighted signs save money, but also, the small bulbs will last longer and may be eligible for rebates with your local electric company. We offer help completing the required paperwork for getting the most out of your rebate.

Retrofitting Neon Signs

In addition to converting your business’s lighted signs to LED systems, we can also retrofit your neon illuminated signs. If you currently have a neon sign, we recommend  converting because the high energy and repair costs of neon. In addition, replacing a neon is expensive, and these light bulbs are damaged easily and start to "gas out". Today's experts recommend LED lighting to protect the environment while reducing your energy costs.

Call For Additional Information

At SignCrafters, we provide a variety of sign services to local businesses. Having an easy to recognize sign is one of the best ways to advertise your business. Customers can depend on us for the maintenance and repair of lighted, neon, and LED signs. We can work on a most signs at on-site locations. Contact us today at 208-798-7446 for additional information about converting your business’s signs to LED lighting.

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