Sign Restoration


Have You Antique or Vintage Sign Restored

When the sign outside your business is faded, it is time to call SignCrafters Inc., located in Lewiston, Idaho for assistance. Our company has been providing sign restoration services for many years, making us the local experts in this industry. In some cases, the sign over a store’s doorway becomes damaged from many years of intense sunlight, or it is possible for it to become worn from heavy rainstorms. Whatever the reason for an aged or ugly sign, it is easy for our technicians to analyze its problems before offering you a free quote concerning its updating costs.

How We Restore Signs

If you have an older business in our region, then your customers may enjoy seeing an antique or vintage sign. However, if the sign is no longer legible or if it is rotting away from water and sunlight damage, then you must have it restored to its original condition. Rather than installing a new sign, SignCrafters can spruce up your business’s older sign to make it more attractive and easier to read. This process can include cleaning the sign, repairing holes and repainting a wooden sign.

Request a Free Restoration Quote

Our company has the correct type of bucket truck and hauling equipment to work on a variety of signs. At your location, we can restore your sign to ensure that it is in the best condition.  At the same time, we can install new signs or repair and maintain neon, vinyl, LED or lighted signs.

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Contractor Licenses

ID Contractors #: RCE-1947
ID Electrical #: ELE-SC-32070
WA Electrical #: SIGNCCI856DR
WA Contractor #: SIGNCCI836PK
OR CCB #: 182356
OR Contractor #: CLS37