Sign Repair & Maintenance

Your Sign Reflects Your Business

When a customer is trying to find a business to request a service or buy a product, he looks for a recognizable sign that is easy to read. If a prospective customer can’t see a sign because the lights aren’t working or the letters are falling off, then she is likely to drive past your business, leading to a loss of profits. Your business’s sign reflects the image of the company, and when customers see a shabby sign, they will think that your service or products are also poor quality.

Trust a Local Company For Signage Repair and Maintenance Services

When you are seeking experts for sign repair and maintenance, call SignCrafters Inc., in Lewiston, Idaho. After nearly 60 years of working with local businesses, we are known in this region for understanding how to maintain and repair banners or signs. The signage that our customers use for a business is frequently its primary form of advertising, and when your company’s sign has a broken light or is damaged by high winds, it requires an efficient repair from our company. Keeping a sign up to date and in good repair is the best way to attract new customers.

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Working on your own business’s sign isn’t easy because you might need a bucket truck to make a repair or to perform basic maintenance services. Fortunately, at SignCrafters, we are prepared to work on all types of vinyl, neon, lighted or LED signs that are on your commercial property. Our technicians can work on the small or large signs and banners that are located on buildings or on a tall support post. Call us today at 208-798-7446 to schedule sign repair and maintenance services for your business.

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