Have a Lighted Sign Repaired By Our Electricians at SignCrafters

SignCrafters electrical services are essential for your neon, lighted or LED signage. Our licensed and experienced sign electricians  at SignCrafters in Lewiston Idaho can work on a variety of neon, lighted or LED signs to repair wiring, connectors and sockets.We maintain a fleet of specialized bucket trucks for reaching building and pole signs with a variety of parts so we can repair a multitude of signs without the need for multiple trips and extra costs.

We Have the Equipment Required For Repairing Any Type of Sign

SignCrafters electrical repairs might include something simple such as replacing a LED light bulb or fixing a loose wire, but we have specialized bucket trucks in order to reach a sign that is located on a building or sign post. Our sign electricians in Lewiston Idaho understand how to work on a multitude of electrical signs in a safe and efficient manner.

Functioning Electric Signage Attracts Customer Traffic

Having a unique and functioning sign outside of your business is an excellent way to attract more foot traffic into your store, beauty salon or medical facility. When a lighted or LED sign isn’t working correctly, it is difficult for potential customers to locate a business in the dark, leading to a reduction of customer traffic.

Our Employees Provide Additional Sign Repair and Maintenance Services

While sign electrical repair is one of the most important services that SignCrafters Inc., offers, we also design, build and maintain a variety of vinyl, LED, lighted and neon signs or banners. Customers can contact us to work on signs in the Lewiston, Idaho and surrounding regions. Contact us through our website today, or call us at 208-798-7446 to learn more about our sign services.

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Contractor Licenses

ID Contractors #: RCE-1947
ID Electrical #: ELE-SC-32070
WA Electrical #: SIGNCCI856DR
WA Contractor #: SIGNCCI836PK
OR CCB #: 182356
OR Contractor #: CLS37